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GCHA will advertise for ‘Expressions of Interest’ from Coaches of all junior grades prior to the commencement of the local competition season.

Selection Criteria:
  • Qualifications e.g. Level I Coaching Certificate

  • Preferred Age group e.g. U13’s

  • Coaching experience in preferred age group

  • Availability for individual tournaments (Southern Cross/Coulter shield/State)

  • Initiatives for pre-tournament development opportunities e.g. games against other teams

  • Attitude and commitment to the support and development of GCHA Representative Hockey

  • Appointed coaches to present coaching plan/structure for team trainings and potential ‘way of play’.


Selection Committee:

  • Regional Coaching Director  

  • GCHA Board of Directors 

  • Selection Committee (if required)



Team selections are to be made in consultation with a minimum of three (3) people:

  • Regional Coaching Director,

  • Team Coach,

  • GCHA Director (min1)

  • and/or independent selectors appointed by the GCHA Director.


Team Selection Process:

1. To be considered for selection, a completed nomination form and payment of the non-refundable nomination fee through the GCHA website must have been received prior to the first trial date.

2. Three (3) selection trial days. All selection trials to include but not be limited to the following format:

  • Duration 1.5hr on field – players to be warmed up and ready to start at nominated time

  • Trials to be conducted on turf & grass fields with exception to U11s which will be conducted on grass should turf not be available

  • Trials to include warm up drills, game skills and trial games

3. Each player must attend two (2) of the three (3) selection trial days to be considered for selection. If a player is unable to attend a selection trial and they have a reasonable excuse e.g. illness, prior commitment – sporting fixture, consideration will be given to that player. All selectors to be advised of situation prior to commencement selection trial day.

4. Players must be primary registered with GCHA under the Hockey Queensland portal. Players must play in their age group e.g. U12, U14, Open. This is to ensure that all players have equal opportunity to participate and to compete within their peer group. Consideration will be given to players to wishing to play up. Upon consideration, team selectors can give preference to players already competing in their relevant age group.

5. Teams to be announced my email and then posted on GCHA’s social media in the week following the third trial date.

6. Following selection, players are required to pay a $200.00 non-refundable deposit to confirm their selection in the team on receipt of an invoice. 

7. Remainder of the tournament fees are required to be paid 1 week prior to departure for the tournament. (Payment plans can be applied for through GCHA administrator).

8. Selected players who withdraw from the team and have paid the tournament fees in full will have their amount refunded less the deposit of $200.00, if sufficient reasoning is provided in writing to the Regional Coaching Director.  If there is not sufficient reasoning for withdrawing, players will forgo their tournament fee. 

9. Teams will predominantly consist of 15 players; however, selectors reserve the right to decide on different team composition that may include two goalkeepers


Selection Criteria:

The following is a general guideline for selectors and coaches to utilise when considering players for selection.


Basic Skills – players who can consistently demonstrate highly developed basic skills


Then in no priority order:

Team Skills – players, who unselfishly support the team, encourage others, communicate well on field and get on with their peers Understanding of position play – players who clearly understand the attacking and defensive requirements of the positions they play, and can also be versatile to different positional requirements

Attitudes – players who are determined, listen to instructions and objectives, and are respectful and supportive to other players and coaching staff


Potential – players who show potential for the future development.


The selectors/coach can make their decisions from:

  • Their own observations of players in all activities undertaken at the selection trials

  • Their observations of players competing in local competition games

  • Discussions with club team coaches – attitude, team skills and development potential


Set training times for representative teams are limited to 1.5hr on field, once a week.

Coaches may apply for additional sessions should field time be available and subject to budgetary constraints.


Coaches have the capacity to conduct some of the training sessions for representative teams on grass fields (if available) as some tournaments include games that are played on grass.


Coaches and team managers to be provided with information on ‘Code of Conduct’ and their duty of care to junior players.​

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